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"With her glacial, folksy vocals and puckish fiddle, Alice Zawadzki would be notable enough. Add her compositional range and whimsical hyper-creativity and she becomes something of a phenomenon. Displaying a similar otherness as some of our treasured pop eccentrics (Kate Bush, Björk), Zawadzki comes from a jazzier place"

Jazzwise Magazine

“A captivating set from vocalist/violinist Alice Zawadzki and pianist Elliot Galvin opened with ‘Low Sun; Lovely Pink Light’, a Zawadzki original with folkloric leanings, wordless lullaby vocals, fluttering violin and piano lines as fine as spider silk. ‘Beautiful Love’ ended with a sublime cadenza, juxtaposing classical poise with gutsy blues as the accompaniment sank into a black depression, and ‘Love For Sale’ was dark and licentious, shining a red light on the lyrics.” – Jazzwise Magazine

The Guardian, John Fordham Review

“She is a genuine original with a pure, pealing voice that can darken into brooding low tones, and twist with the flexibility and harmonic awareness of a jazz singer. She is also a composer of gliding, melodically unorthodox tunes that connect to contemporary classical music as much as jazz or pop, and an expressive lyricist.” – 4 Stars. The Guardian

Jamie Cullum

“Beautiful, uncategorisable – a real force to be reckoned with” – Jamie Cullum

The Independent

“Beguiling, unorthodox tunes and pure vocals” – The Independent

AP Reviews

“It is this bold individuality that sets it apart. Again, the mercurial nature of Zawadzki’s writing triumphs… one of contemporary jazz’s stars of the present and future, possessing, as she does, remarkable musical dexterity and personality.” – AP Reviews

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 23.09.40
London Jazz News Review

“It was a performance of transcendent beauty… sounds that seeped into the brain and evoked a stream of otherworldly images and impressions… perfect empathy between exceptionally fine musicians, improvisation and the techniques of modern minimalism” – London Jazz News

The Arts Desk Review

“Zawadzki released her debut album China Lane earlier this year to frank astonishment, her totally unpidgeonholeable collection of her own songs and arrangements of repertoire from medieval Sephardic and Ladino ballads to contemporary indie rock all propelled in a voice of velvet suppleness and gutsy emotional power. Anglo-Polish Zawadzki also plays violin and piano in compositions informed by folk, world, and pop as much as jazz. Original and unmissable.” – The Arts Desk

Jazzwise Magazine Review

“her lustrous vocal range is the real live deal.. a commanding, intense performer” – Jazzwise Magazine

The 606 Jazz Club

“Her sound is earthy, organic and satisfying on a visceral level, sophisticated and complex, yet accessible to the uninitiated… a breakthrough artist of the highest calibre.” – The 606 Jazz Club

Manchester Evening News Review

“there was an arresting originality about her compostions… just as much in common with Randy Newman and Tom Waits as straightahead jazz” – Manchester Evening News

Now And Then Magazine

“The sudden explosion of new UK jazz is unlikely to abate, especially with the rise of singular talents like singer and violinist Alice Zawadzki… a new vitality” – Now Then Magazine

The Jazz Mann Review

“This balance between the ethereal and visceral, the sacred and profane, is a common thread running throughout Zawadzki’s music… astonishingly mature” – The Jazz Mann

All About Jazz Review

“Alice Zawadzki’s violin playing adds an ethereal quality to the music that does much to heighten its beauty. There’s a crystalline purity to her voice which gives it an instant appeal: her voice and violin combination is especially graceful.” – All About Jazz

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 23.53.36

Zawadzki is a distinctive and individual presence, both as a singer and as a writer, and her own diverse background and immersion in different cultures makes for a compelling and entrancing listen…Coupled with this album’s breadth of vision and exploratory ambition is Zawadzki’s intuitive gift for melody and clear communication. Her voice is an expressive instrument, but she is also a musician aware of the power of restraint and understatement.” – Music OMH

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