Alice Zawadzki singer - violinist – songwriter/composer


“She is a genuine original with a pure, pealing voice that can darken into brooding low tones, and twist with the flexibility and harmonic awareness of a jazz singer. She is also a composer of gliding, melodically unorthodox tunes that connect to contemporary classical music as much as jazz or pop, and an expressive lyricist.” – The Guardian

“With her glacial, folksy vocals and puckish fiddle, Alice Zawadzki would be notable enough. Add her compositional range and whimsical hyper-creativity and she becomes something of a phenomenon. Displaying a similar otherness as some of our treasured pop eccentrics (Kate Bush, Bjork) Zawadzki comes from a jazzier place.” – MOJO Magazine

“Beguiling, unorthodox tunes and pure vocals” – The Independent

“It is this bold individuality that sets it apart. Again, the mercurial nature of Zawadzki’s writing triumphs… one of contemporary jazz’s stars of the present and future, possessing, as she does, remarkable musical dexterity and personality.” – AP Reviews

“Zawadzki released her debut album China Lane earlier this year to frank astonishment, her totally unpidgeonholeable collection of her own songs and arrangements of repertoire from medieval Sephardic and Ladino ballads to contemporary indie rock all propelled in a voice of velvet suppleness and gutsy emotional power. Anglo-Polish Zawadzki also plays violin and piano in compositions informed by folk, world, and pop as much as jazz. Original and unmissable.” – The Arts Desk

“her lustrous vocal range is the real live deal.. a commanding, intense performer” – Jazzwise Magazine

“Her sound is earthy, organic and satisfying on a visceral level, sophisticated and complex, yet accessible to the uninitiated… a breakthrough artist of the highest calibre.” – The 606 Jazz Club

“there was an arresting originality about her compostions… just as much in common with Randy Newman and Tom Waits as straightahead jazz” – Manchester Evening News

“Beautiful, uncategorisable – a real force to be reckoned with” – Jamie Cullum

“This balance between the ethereal and visceral, the sacred and profane, is a common thread running throughout Zawadzki’s music… astonishingly mature” – The Jazz Mann

“Alice Zawadzki’s violin playing adds an ethereal quality to the music that does much to heighten its beauty. There’s a crystalline purity to her voice which gives it an instant appeal: her voice and violin combination is especially graceful.”
All About Jazz

“2014 has already been a triumphant year for female jazz vocalists. China Lane, the debut album from singer-songwriter and violinist Alice Zawadzki, may just be the most exciting of a rich crop. Zawadzki is a distinctive and individual presence, both as a singer and as a writer, and her own diverse background and immersion in different cultures makes for a compelling and entrancing listen…Coupled with this album’s breadth of vision and exploratory ambition is Zawadzki’s intuitive gift for melody and clear communication. Her voice is an expressive instrument, but she is also a musician aware of the power of restraint and understatement.” – Music OMH

“As this album progresses Zawadzki’s stylistic range—as a singer and a songwriter—becomes readily apparent. From time to time there are echoes of other, more established, performers but no single point of comparison stands out. On China Lane Zawadzki sounds like Zawadzki—it’s a sound that’s definitely worth hearing.” – All About Jazz

“Forcefully and meticulously delivered.”- Bebop Spoken Here

“She’s part of an adventurous new wave of singers… Chamber music essentially that uses the language of jazz and traditional music as twin inspirations to veer off in exploratory directions, Zawadzki, with her highly expressive voice, can switch at will from sounding like a pop singer on the title track to immersing herself in the Sephardic folk of ‘Dicho Me Habian Dicho’, in equal measure and to considerable effect.” – Marlbank

“Zawadzki’s abilities stretch far and wide – as an instrumentalist she is impressive, fluent in her soloing and able to rein it in as a supporting player, and her voice ranges from spritely, light and folky… to dusky and brooding.. and emotive and plaintive.” – Jazz UK

 “Zawadzki is an appealing and versatile vocalist with a Karin Krog-ish lower register, but she also conveys both authority and emotion. She fronts the band confidently, but is a musician of class who can also hide herself in the texture as instrumentalist. At one point she was crouching, pushing out some rhythmically provocative slow double-stopped ricochet bowing, and letting Alex Roth’s gentle guitar have the limelight. The next she would up on her feet nailing a powerfully emotive lyric…The range of textures and colours, the expressive possibilities seemed more or less infinite. Olivier Messiaen meets Jimmy McGriff. Hell yes. Chill-out lounge to dance floor. Walk this way.”- London Jazz News

“A huge vocal and instrumental talent with an engagingly eccentric, sensual and feminine writing style that promises much for the future. Zawadzki’s classical and jazz backgrounds are certainly explored in her music but her highly personalised music also adds liberal elements of folk and world music strains… already an accomplished performer with the potential to achieve mainstream recognition, it’s perfectly possible that she could go on to enjoy the kind of large scale yet still defiantly left field success of performers like Bjork, Kate Bush, Tory Amos and Florence Welch. This was an impressive show from a confident performer who was well supported by an excellent band…As others have intimated Zawadzki may not be playing venues as intimate as this for much longer. I expect her début album to make considerable waves both in the jazz pond and beyond.” – The Jazz Mann

“Jaw droppingly good is no overstatement…From the very first note of the first piece, Alice’s sensitive vocal improvising interweaved with Dan’s contemplative piano playing in a way that was genuinely captivating… Her voice managed to communicate a brave and touching expression of feelings on the topic of obsessional love in a way that most singers would struggle to get close to… Alice doubtless has great technique and clearly knows her jazz genres well, but what especially impresses is a strong sense of rawness, edginess and ‘real’ness that makes the performance so much more convincing and touching.” – The Ring Modulator

 “I was very impressed by her musical maturity and inventiveness. She produces a lovely sound which blends beautifully with instruments and is totally dedicated to producing imaginative music.” – Norma Winstone

“Spine-tingling” – Jazz UK

 “Zawadzki rarely fails to impress, not only with her extensive range of vocal styles and strong technique, but also the way she manages to convey an authenticity and intimacy through the styles that make her performances consistently captivating” – The Ring Modulator

 “A delightful, inquisitive singer and violinist, Alice is one to watch – blessed with a crystal-clear tone and a passion to push the voice forward, her work is fast making a mark on the British contemporary jazz scene.” – Manchester Jazz Festival

Tomasz Furmanek of Cooltura magazine gave an interview with me January 2012 – you can read it in Polish here.